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E: HYOSHIRO Original Vegetable Dashi Stock Powder (0.32Oz/9g × 20 packets)

Hyoshiro USA

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Hyoshiro Vegetable Dashi

Four types of domestically grown vegetables have been blended to create a unique balance of flavors, finished off with a seasoning of salt and pepper. This dashi has umami that is unique to onions and carrots and has a concentrated flavor by roasting them at once at high temperatures. Additionally, by coarsely chopping the ingredients, we are able to achieve a rich and full-bodied dashi packet highlighting the flavors of the vegetables. Despite not having animal-based materials such as meat and fish, it produces a rich taste that is heavy and bold.  It can be boiled as a base for soups. It can also be used for various dishes such as pasta, omelets, sauteed meat and fish by breaking the bag and sprinkling the ingredients on top.

Made by Ajino-Hyoshiro. This product is made in Japan.