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F: HYOSHIRO Original Mushroom Dashi Stock Powder (0.26Oz/7.5g × 10 packets)

Hyoshiro USA

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Hyoshiro Mushroom Dashi

Our mushroom dashi consists of rare "tamogi mushrooms" that are said to be "phantom mushrooms" highly coveted, rarely produced, and appear only in certain parts of the summer in Hokkaido, Japan where they are referred to as "dashi mushrooms". With the addition of shiitake mushrooms and kombu kelp, to refine the taste, this dashi creates a deeper broth that has a rich and subtle sweetness. This dashi also contains "ergothioneine", which is said to have an antioxidant effect, and "β-glucan," which has been known to help the immune system. Use this dashi to make an amazing broth that can be served as a miso or with noodles. You can also add the contents of the bag over your favorite fried rice recipe or on a stew.

Made by Ajino-Hyoshiro. This product is made in Japan.