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A: HYOSHIRO Original Dashi Stock Powder (0.32Oz/9g × 30 packets)

Hyoshiro USA

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Hyoshiro Dashi - 30 Pack

Flying fish soup dashi. This dashi is soup stock in a convenient pouch, made from a blend of traditional Japanese seasoning and carefully selected ingredients including: flying fish, bonitos, kombu kelp, mackerel, shiitake mushrooms and sardines. All of the ingredients have been coarsely ground to fully extract and enhance the flavors. This dashi can be used as a stock for udon, miso soup, clear broth and simmered dishes.  It can also be used as a powder for fried rice, pan-fried vegetables, or seasoning for your favorite meat dish.

Made by Ajino-Hyoshiro. This product is made in Japan.