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M: HYOSHIRO Dried Seaweed Udon Noodle (12.35Oz/350g)

Hyoshiro USA

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WAKAME UDON - thick udon kneaded with wakame seaweed

Yamagata, located in the Tohoku region of Japan is where you will find one of the best Soba in the world. Reason being that this area is blessed with natural pure clean water and fresh air, which plays an important factor for the production of the high quality ingredients to make soba.

Our "colored noodle series" was born in Yamagata through a joint development with a long-established noodle factory that has been in existence since the Edo period. The elegant flavors and smooth texture of our noodles are the result of the exceptional quality of ingredients we use. Our unique noodles are made by kneading each ingredient delicately, producing noodles that are pleasing to the eyes and also add colors and smiles to every dining table. This product is made by Hyoshiro in Japan.